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Hip Practice

What can the Heuppraktijk (Hip Practice) do for you?

The medical team of the Heuppraktijk (Hip practice) is specialized in hip and pelvic surgery. All procedures are conducted by means of muscle sparing techniques.

With a arthritic, blocking hip excruciating pain in the groin region can be experienced. Normal life can be very difficult. Sport activities, playing with your (grand) children, or simply putting on your socks and shoes have become activities that require a lot from you. Your deepest wish is to regain your normal lifestyle, without any hip complaints.

If it has become clear that a hip replacement procedure would be the best solution to solve your problem, a new muscle-sparing surgical technique offers a solution that is less invasive than ever before. Prof. Corten has further refined and improved the direct anterior approach into the Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) hip technique. With the EDA hip, the time you have to spend in the hospital is minimized, the surgery is conducted through a bikini-incision and the operative time is minimized to 30-35 minutes. Thanks to the muscle-sparing surgical technique recovery also occurs swiftly. Moreover, the operation leaves only a small scar in the groin region. Normal activities can be resumed in the majority of cases a few weeks after the operation. A new life can begin where you can leave all your worries about your hip behind you. Prof. Corten conducts approximately 450 tot 500 of EDA hip procedures on an annual basis.

We have created this website to inform you about modern orthopedic solutions for any hip problem. Starting from clinic to hip surgery, physiotherapy to a new life with a hip replacement, we explain each stage of the process. Problems of the young adult hip patient are discussed and surgical techniques, such as arthroscopy and peri-acetabular osteotomy are explained.

Prof. Dr. Corten and his medical team of the Heuppraktijk (Hip Practice) will guide you through all the necessary stages in order to treat your hip problem in a muscle sparing way.

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