You can use the time before your hip operation to prepare your home for your rehabilitation period. The following adaptations to the home are recommended in order to avoid accidents:

  • corridors: remove any loose carpets or stick them to the floor if there is no other option: also ensure that transitional areas are as even as possible, in order to avoid tripping.
  • stairs: ensure that handrails are securely fastened and that any stair coverings are level and properly secured.
  • meubels: zorg dat de gangpaden breed genoeg zijn zodat er voldoende ruimte is voor loophulpmiddelen zoals krukken.
  • chair: provide a chair with the correct seat height, armrests and a high backrest, so that you can sit down and stand up easily.
  • it is best to place frequently used objects at waist height.

In principle, you can do anything with the muscle-sparing surgery method. These measures will make the rehabilitation process in your home more pleasant and easier.

Our Hip Coach and SmartHip application will inform and guide you further.

A chair with the correct seat height, armrests and a high backrest will make sitting down and standing up easier



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Hip pain and the hindrance of freedom of movement associated with it indicate that your hip is worn out, or that there is a problem with your hip.



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