Arthrosis and arthritis are both complaints related to the joints. Simply put, arthrosis is an indication of wear and tear on the bone and cartilage, while arthritis is related to an inflammation of the joint. Arthritis usually precedes arthrosis, but both can also occur together. Whether you have arthritis or arthrosis, both conditions can be adequately treated.

Arthrosis is thereby a term that refers to the wear of the joint, where the cartilage that makes the bones slide over each other has disappeared. The hip joint is one of the joints that is affected by this condition. Pain is mainly felt when moving. The symptoms are often worse in the morning, with a very stiff feeling in the groin area or thigh. Getting up out of a chair can cause pain, which gradually disappears after a few metres of walking. Putting stockings and shoes on and off becomes more difficult.

Arthritis is an inflammation within the joint, and is caused by rheumatic diseases, infections or by a hip fracture or injury. The most common form is rheumatoid arthritis. These inflammations in the joints are generally very painful. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a genetic disorder that prevents the body's immune system from working optimally. Rheumatoid arthritis can, in turn, be the cause of arthrosis. The joint mucosa becomes inflamed, and therefore affects the cartilage over time. This in turn leads to arthrosis.

In order to determine the cause of your hip complaints and to start treatment, a consultation is recommended, supplemented with medical imaging where necessary. Your GP can initially examine you, and, if wished, can refer you and support you in your therapeutic process.

Artrose en artritis

Arthrosis is an indication of wear and tear of the joint, while arthritis is an inflammation within the joint

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Wij zijn met verlof vanaf 24/12 tem 02/01.


Voor dringende vragen kan u het ziekenhuis te Genk contacteren op tel. 089/32.61.17.

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