As with all other tissues in our body, our bone also depends on blood vessels to bring blood to the bone. This blood supply determines the quality of the bone. The problem is that the hip is a bone that only has a small number of blood vessels to supply it. As a result, the blood supply is often not optimal.

In that case, it is possible for head necrosis or avascular necrosis to develop. Due to the poor blood supply, the bone structure is undermined to such an extent that it can collapse. The spherical shape of the femoral head flattens completely, and no longer fits nicely into the hip socket (acetabulum). As a result, the cartilage of the femoral head and the pelvic socket will wear out prematurely.

The symptoms of avascular necrosis manifest themselves as unexplained nocturnal pain. There is then a gradually increasing pain, while the mobility of the hip joint systematically decreases at the same time. The diagnosis will help to determine which treatment of avascular necrosis will yield the best results.

Avasculaire necrose

Impaired blood supply in the bone can lead to head necrosis or avascular necrosis



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