If you are suffering from pain in your hip, the doctor may choose to give you a corticoid infiltration. In addition to the anti-inflammatory...

In addition to the anti-inflammatory (corticoid) element, the medicine that is injected into your hip also contains a numbing element (e.g. Marcaine). This will numb the hip for a few hours. If the pain that you normally feel in your hip disappears, this confirms that your hip complaints do indeed come from the hip joint and not from other joints, for example, the back. It is not always easy to locate the reason for hip complaints. Hip complaints often originate in the back, for example.

The anti-inflammatory agent takes 3 to 4 weeks before it starts to work. At best, you will be relieved from pain for a few months to even years. It may sometimes even happen that the complaints disappear completely.

It may also happen that, after 3 weeks, the infiltration does not reduce complaints. The next step should then be discussed with the doctor. That is why your visit to the doctor will only take place 6 to 8 weeks after the infiltration.

Corticoïde infiltratie

In a corticoid infiltration, a numbing agent is injected into the hip, in addition to an anti-inflammatory

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Voor dringende vragen kan u het ziekenhuis te Genk contacteren op tel. 089/32.61.17.

Wij zijn met verlof vanaf 24/12 tem 02/01.


Voor dringende vragen kan u het ziekenhuis te Genk contacteren op tel. 089/32.61.17.

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