The European Hip Clinic offers a wide range of surgical solutions within the Hip Unit of ZOL, Genk and Maaseik. Below you can find an overview of the interventions that meet very specific situations:

All procedures within the Hip Unit are muscle-sparing, according to the technique that was developed and refined by Prof. Dr. Corten. As a result, the rehabilitation process of the patient is shorter, with a reduced risk of complications. The support of the Hip Coach even ensures that resuming sport is no longer an unattainable dream.

Hip Unit

We carry out all surgery in the Hip Unit in a muscle-saving manner



The orthopaedics department of the ZOL in Genk regularly organises information sessions to prepare patients and their families...

Hip Prosthesis

The hip prosthesis consists of 4 major components. A titanium stem (Corail) and titanium bowl (Pinnacle) are placed in the upper...


Young Adult hip Unit

Prof. Dr. Corten has specialised in the treatment of hip problems that can specifically occur in young adults, adolescents and athletes.

A Life without Pain

Over the years, Prof. Dr. Corten and his team have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in treating hip problems.


Preparing yourself

If surgery cannot be avoided to solve your hip problem, proper preparation will accelerate your rehabilitation and reduce the risk of...

Pre-operatieve oefeningen


Pre-surgery exercises play an important role in preparing for an operation. There are a number of reasons why an exercise...

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