Over the years, Prof. Dr. Corten and his team have accumulated an enormous amount of know-how and expertise in the treatment of hip problems. The European Hip Clinic offers a full range of solutions to restore the patient's quality of life.

If we detect problems with the hip joint during the first consultation, the Hip Coach will start to prepare a personalised physiotherapy programme. In many cases, we manage to get a grip on the problem in this way, and surgery can often be prevented or postponed.

Under certain conditions, corticoid infiltration can also be administered to relieve the pain in the hip joint. In this case, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication (corticoids) are injected directly into the joint.

If the traditional treatment methods and/or infiltration are not sufficient, and if the impact on your quality of life is too strong, hip surgery will come into question. In recent years, Prof. Dr. Corten has further refined the surgery procedure during which a hip prosthesis is implanted. Due to the development of special instruments for the OR, the standardisation of the procedure, and the further refining of the muscle-sparing technique, this intervention has become much safer. The rehabilitation will therefore be faster, with a smaller chance of of complications with even the prospect of sports resumption within the year under the guidance of the Hip Coach.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Corten is affiliated with the Hip Unit of ZOL, Genk. All possible hip-related procedures can be carried out within this unit. Even if your hip problem falls outside the normal treatment framework, the surgical team of the Hip Unit will always find a solution.

The complementary team of the European Hip Clinic will guide the patient through the entire process: from the first consultation up to the possible resumption of the patient’s sport. This personalised approach is of the utmost importance to ensure your well-being and to optimally promote your recovery.



A personalised physiotherapy approach to your treatment process

With the Hip Coach, the European Hip Clinic has the opportunity to reduce the pain you suffer through treatment without surgery, but also to guide you in your preparation if surgery becomes necessary, and, where appropriate, during your rehabilitation up to the resumption of your sport.



The EDA operation leads to far fewer complications

The follow-up figures show us that the risk of complications with the EDA hip has been significantly reduced compared to hip prosthesis surgery before it was carried out according to the procedure developed by Professor Corten.



Minimal tissue damage during EDA surgery

This invention of Prof. Dr. Corten gives the surgeon a perfect view of the operating area, causes less stress during the operation, and results in no tissue damage to the patient. This significantly reduces the risk of complications.



The Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) hip operation

If an exercise programme does not produce the desired results, we will discuss the kind of surgical solutions that would be appropriate with you and the team.

The secretariat is not available from 1/8 to 7/8. We will answer all emails and calls from 8/8 onwards.


For urgent questions, please contact the hospital in Genk at tel. 089/32.61.17 or via our hipcloud (for operated patients).

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