Hip pain and the hindrance of freedom of movement associated with it indicate that your hip is worn out, or that there is a problem with your hip.

You will then experience the following symptoms, which will seriously affect your quality of life:

  • The hip joint feels stiff in the morning
  • The hip joint feels stiff in the morning
  • Pain in the groin and buttock area, with radiance down to the knee
  • Pain when using the legs
  • Pain when getting up from a chair
  • Pain when taking the stairs
  • Pain while sleeping (when turning over)
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Fatigue after a walk
  • Being able to put less force onto the thighs
  • Decreased sense of balance
  • Creaking of the hip joint (psoas tendon load)
  • The hip can become warm, especially with inflammation

You can contact the European Hip Center about all your hip problems. The multi-disciplinary approach of the Hip Coach and the surgeons ensures that an optimal treatment plan is outlined for you. The primary purpose of this plan is to relieve your pain, whereby we prioritise a personalised approach .

Pijn en symptomen

De Heuppraktijk biedt een volledig scala aan oplossingen aan om de pijn en symptomen van een heupprobleem aan te pakken


If you are suffering from pain in your hip, the doctor may choose to give you a corticoid infiltration. In addition to the anti-inflammatory...
Het middel dat in uw heup wordt…

Hip joint

Hip joint

The hip joint is a ball joint that consists of 2 major bone sections, namely: the socket and the head. The socket (acetabulum) is a part of...

Mako Robot

Mako Robot

The Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) is the first hospital in Flanders to make use of a high-quality surgical robot for inserting hip prostheses.

Resuming sport

Resuming or starting a physical or sporting activity is strongly encouraged and recommended by the European Hip Center team...

A Life without Pain

Over the years, Prof. Dr. Corten and his team have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in treating hip problems.

ZOL Hip Unit

Prof. Dr. Corten offers a wide range of surgical solutions within the Hip Unit of ZOL, Genk. Below, you can find an overview of the interventions...

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