Prof. Dr. Kristoff Corten in zijn kabinetProf. Dr. Kristoff Corten has attended training programmes in the most renowned centres in the world. He has used the knowledge he gained there for the further improvement of muscle-sparing surgery methods. The development and scientific substantiation of these improvements formed the basis of his PhD.

With the development of instruments such as the Gripper and the EsySuit , and the standardisation of procedures, Prof. Dr. Corten ensures the further improvement of the operation through the Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) Hip . The rehabilitation period continues to shorten, and the risk of complications is highly reduced. Every year, Prof. Dr. Corten currently receives hundreds of visiting surgeons from all over the world who attend his training programmes in Genk.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Corten also strongly believes in the multidisciplinary approach covering the patient’s entire treatment process. In the course of the years, the European Hip Clinic team has continued to expand. The patient is optimally prepared and guided through each phase by specialists in their field, in order to obtain the best possible treatment results. This guidance ranges from alleviating the administrative burden, through tailor-made physiotherapy coaching, and up to the treatment of young hip patients.

A lot of attention is paid to the care and support of the patient, his or her immediate environment and the local care providers. The use of digital applications that guide the patient and his family plays an important role in this. At the same time, these applications ensure a scientifically-based monitoring and evaluation.

The creation and implementation of a vision for the future is crucial to develop the European Hip Clinic into a place where the best possible care can be provided for patients with hip problems. A warm, human, care-free framework for the patient and his environment, and a multi-disciplinary consultation that involves the patient form the pillars of our vision. It’s precisely this vision that makes the European Hip Clinic so unique, innovative and progressive in the national and international landscape. Medical decisions that are based on scientific research are the foundation of our multi-disciplinary approach.



The EDA operation leads to far fewer complications

The follow-up figures show us that the risk of complications with the EDA hip has been significantly reduced compared to hip prosthesis surgery before it was carried out according to the procedure developed by Professor Corten.



Minimal tissue damage during EDA surgery

If an exercise programme does not produce the desired results, we will discuss the kind of surgical solutions that would be appropriate with you and the team.



The Corail-Pinnacle prosthesis has shown the best results after 10 to 20 years of follow-up

In addition to the muscle-sparing technique used, the quality of the prosthesis is an important factor in the success of the operation. It goes without saying that Prof. Dr. Corten makes use of the best prosthesis system that is available today.



Minimal tissue damage during EDA surgery

This invention of Prof. Dr. Corten gives the surgeon a perfect view of the operating area, causes less stress during the operation, and results in no tissue damage to the patient. This significantly reduces the risk of complications.

The secretariat is not available from 1/8 to 7/8. We will answer all emails and calls from 8/8 onwards.


For urgent questions, please contact the hospital in Genk at tel. 089/32.61.17 or via our hipcloud (for operated patients).

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