As a physician with specialisation in hip surgery, Professor Corten has observed over the years that many patients are looking for a more personalised approach to their treatment process. This method starts with the diagnosis of the hip problem , and continues until rehabilitation, and even through to the resumption of sports activities. Such an approach cannot be taken for granted, because it requires specific expertise.

Stijn Roose holds a master’s degree in sports physiotherapy from the KU Leuven, and is specialised in the processes of rehabilitation and resumption of sports after hip surgery. Stijn advises Professor Corten and the patients of the European Hip Clinic about their personalised process, which they can then develop together with their own physiotherapist. Stijn prepares a physiotherapy summary and a treatment plan, and coaches the patient and the team throughout the entire process. With the help of an optimal and personalised exercise schedule, we try to use every opportunity to treat your hip problem by non-surgical means. The direct interaction between the Hip Coach and the treating physiotherapist is crucial for implementing any adjustments.

Patients who would like to return to exercising sports, but are not quite sure how to approach this, can contact Stijn Roose for advice. It is indeed the case that practising sports is permitted after hip surgery, including after the EDA hip prosthesis. The sporting activity must be resumed in a medically justifiable manner. We therefore try to also optimise the support provided by your treating physiotherapist when it comes to resuming your sports activities.

The Hip Coach is ready to support patients with an EDA hip prosthesis in their efforts to take up their sport again. Who knows, it may be that the approach of the European Hip Clinic may even tempt you to take up a new sport.



A personalised physiotherapy approach to your treatment process

With the Hip Coach, the European Hip Clinic has the opportunity to reduce the pain you suffer through treatment without surgery, but also to guide you in your preparation if surgery becomes necessary, and, where appropriate, during your rehabilitation up to the resumption of your sport.



Digital preparation and support tailored to your needs

Prof. Dr. Corten has developed a digital application to prepare his patients for the surgery, and to support them throughout the entire treatment process. In this application, the patient will find all necessary information with regard to the preparations, the procedure and the rehabilitation.



A team of medical professionals who stand for a total approach

The European Hip Clinic has a team of specialists who, with their complementary knowledge and experience, seek the best solution for your hip problem.



The Young Adult Hip Unit helps young adults with a hip problem

The Young Adult Hip Unit aims to enable young adults with hip problems such as hip dysplasia to return to normal daily life as soon as possible. Under the guidance of the Hip Coach, even a resumption of sports is an accessible option.

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