Surgery is always a major event in a person’s life. Most people fear the whole process of consultations, the hip surgery itself with the hospital admission, and the subsequent rehabilitation. In addition, a scar is left, which, for many patients, is an unpleasant and lasting reminder of the procedure.

Female patients, in particular, may be put off by surgery, because they fear they will be left with an ugly scar for the rest of their lives. This is the reason why Dr. Corten has perfected the groin incision. As this incision, with a length of no more than 9 to 12 cm, runs parallel to the skin fold, and the skin in the groin heals very rapidly, this results in a minor scar that usually disappears virtually completely in the groin fold after about one year. In addition, the incision is hidden under the slip or bathing suit, so that women experience little aesthetic inconvenience.

But the main aspect of this procedure is not the location of the incision (in the groin fold), but rather its muscle-sparing properties. As a result, the prosthesis is very stable, and it is possible to quickly return to normal movement without restrictions.

More than 80% of the patients state that they are walking around with a ‘forgotten hip’ after one year. From an aesthetic point of view as well, the small scar in the groin fold will quickly help you forget that you have a hip prosthesis.

De liesplooi-incisie

De liesplooi-incisie levert een minimaal litteken op dat meestal na een jaartje vrijwel volledig verdwijnt


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Your Home

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Mako Robot

Mako Robot

The Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) is the first hospital in Flanders to make use of a high-quality surgical robot for inserting hip prostheses.

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