One-night EDA HipThe multi-disciplinary approach of the team ensures that you are well-prepared and can safely leave the hospital within 24 hours after your EDA total hip prosthesis. Every team member plays a crucial role in this.

The Hip Coach will be your guide before and after your muscle-sparing operation. You will be introduced to the Hip Coach during the pre-operative consultation. He is always ready to help you to prepare you for your operation to the best of his ability, and will also contact you as soon as you have returned home after the surgery. You can always contact him if you have any worries at all, as he is always in close contact with your surgeon, and can therefore easily communicate on the matter.

To best prepare and follow up after surgery, you will also receive our innovative HipCloud application. This application will prepare you online and will also be your communication tool. This way, our team is available 24/7 to follow you up in a maximum and safe way.

You’ll meet the Hip Coach again during the check-up consultations. He’ll give you further advice for your optimal recovery, so that you can pick up your physical activities and sports again after the operation. Should it turn out that it would be better for you to have physiotherapy sessions, the Hip Coach can give you advice on which exercise therapy you can best do with your own physiotherapist. In this way, the best possible communication is ensured between your physiotherapist and the European Hip Clinic team.

This approach is unique in Belgium, and ensures that you, your next of kin and your local care providers are well prepared for your new life after your EDA hip prosthesis operation. Professor Corten and his team also carry out these operations with the highest standard of care at other locations.



The EDA operation leads to far fewer complications

The follow-up figures show us that the risk of complications with the EDA hip has been significantly reduced compared to hip prosthesis surgery before it was carried out according to the procedure developed by Professor Corten.



The Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) hip operation

This surgery technique developed by Prof. Dr. Corten leads to less complications and a shorter rehabilitation period. 80% of our patients speak of a ‘forgotten hip’ after 6 to 9 months.



Digital accompaniment, without or with surgery, throughout the entire treatment process

With the HipCloud your recovery process starts already from the first consultation. The application offers personalized guidance based on the working points of the patient. In case of surgery, the online follow-up can even reduce your stay in the hospital to 1 day or 1 night.



The EsySuit significantly reduces the risk of infections

The EsySuit, which was developed by Prof. Dr. Corten, is an ingenious sterile suit that is put on in one smooth movement. This puts the patient at less risk of contamination in the operating theatre, as opposed to the normal covering procedure.

The secretariat is not available from 1/8 to 7/8. We will answer all emails and calls from 8/8 onwards.


For urgent questions, please contact the hospital in Genk at tel. 089/32.61.17 or via our hipcloud (for operated patients).

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