The orthopaedics department of the ZOL in Genk regularly organises information sessions to prepare patients and their families for the operation.

During the weWalk information session, you will receive explanations about the entire process from procedure to rehabilitation from the surgeon, the anaesthetist, the physiotherapist and the nursing staff. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the info session. After the session, you can have a chat with fellow patients while enjoying a drink. The nursing staff will be around to answer any additional questions that may come up.

The weWalk information session is part of the weWalk programme. In the weWalk programme, a patient undergoing a total hip replacement procedure is considered to be a partner in his care journey. Important principles in the programme include standardisation of the treatment, group dynamics and patient education and participation.

The regular surveys we organise in this respect indicate that 73% of the respondents are very satisfied with the info sessions. Please contact the Hip Unit of ZOL Genk at number 089 / 32.61.17 to secure your place, and possibly that of your family members, on one of our weWalk information sessions.


The weWalk information sessions prepare patients and their families for the procedure

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