The EsySuit® (MedEnvision), developed by Professor Dr. Corten, is an ingenious sterile suit that is put on in one smooth movement. As a result, there is virtually no risk for the patient of contamination in the operating theatre, in contrast to the normal covering procedure, which requires many more actions. This patented suit was specifically developed for the EDA Hip procedure and minimises the risk of infections.

In the European Hip Center, all patients are closely monitored, so that Professor Corten can ensure the perfect follow-up, and can continue to refine the technique. This monitoring shows that the use of the EsySuit® during the EDA Hip procedure reduces the infection risk of the prosthesis to 0.1%, compared to 1% of infections recorded in the American implant registry. The risk of infection has therefore dropped significantly compared to the hip prosthesis procedures that are not carried out according to the EDA hip procedure.

The EsySuit® also makes a positive contribution to our corporate social responsibility, as the quantity of draping material is reduced by an average of 60%!

The ergonomic sterile suit significantly reduces the risk of infections



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