The Gripper® (Medenvision) is a patented instrument that was developed by Professor Corten. The Gripper® is placed on the wound retractor. An optimal, muscle-sparing wound retractor is very important to allow the surgeon a good view of the incision, ensuring that the prosthetic components can be perfectly positioned.

CRP-ESRProfessor Corten has designed these wound retractors specifically for being able to carry out the EDA hip prosthesis technique in an optimal and muscle-saving manner. The retractors, in fact, have a gentle slope to them that prevents any tissue damage. The patented three-point fixation of the Gripper® keeps the retractor very stable in a smart and muscle-sparing manner. This ensures that the surgeon has perfect vision, which reduces the risk of incorrect positioning of the components. It also speeds up the procedure and minimises the impact of the surgery on the body.

Professor Corten has also been able to clearly demonstrate the latter from a scientific point of view. In a scientific study, patients were randomly operated using the standard anterior prosthesis technique (blue) or using the EDA technique (orange). It was found that the operating time (OR time) was on average 17 minutes shorter when the EDA technique was used. In addition, it was also found that the surgical impact, as measured by a number of parameters in the blood (CRP and ESR) was much higher (see the blue lines on the diagram).

The study concluded that the EDA technique has a significant impact on limiting the surgical trauma for the patient. The shorter the operating time and the smaller the tissue damage, the faster the patient will recover.

The Gripper considerably reduces tissue damage during surgery

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