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Gluteus maximus transfer

A gluteus maximus transfer is an operation in which part of the large gluteus muscle (gluteus maximus) is detached. Afterwards, the surgeon moves this part to the side of the thigh.

Our specialists perform the gluteus maximus transfer when the side of the thigh is inadequately covered. We sometimes see this in people who have had surgery on the side of the hip. This causes the lateral gluteal muscles to reduce in volume, releasing the bone of the upper leg.

Prof. Dr. Corten published a study in 2020 showing that this surgery gave significant improvement. Patients were not pain-free, but significantly better than before surgery. 44% of patients no longer had a waddling walking pattern. 44% were able to lean back properly on one leg without pelvic sagging.

Do you have a lot of pain during long sitting on the side of your thigh? This surgery can ensure that the side of the thigh is adequately covered again.

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