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Our mission


Getting the best out of care and people. Maximizing everyone's potential. That's what we do.

Welcoming each of us patients into a warm medical world that helps them discover greater quality of life through integrative care. This is to give direction to your own health.

Young adults with hip problems, adults with a variety of questions or athletes with specific challenges: together, we map out the right approach based on your expectations or goals. We avoid surgery whenever possible and aim for minimal physical strain and accelerated recovery.

  • Young adults with hip pain
  • Adults
  • Top athletes with hip pain
  • Seniors

Discover our trajectories

Hanne - equestrian, 24 years old

"I had 2 hip arthroscopies with Prof. Dr. Corten, one on the right and one on the left. Three years after my trajectory, I am back to riding pain-free!"

- Hanne - equestrian, 24 years old

Jan - physiotherapist, 42 years

"I notice that you yourself promote active rehabilitation and do not always start from a surgical solution, which makes patients more likely to take this active path."

- Jan - physiotherapist, 42 years

Danny - athlete, 33 years old

When the Hip Coach first wanted to explore how we could avoid surgery, I knew I was in the right place."

- Danny - athlete, 33 years old

Lien - bon vivant, 27 years old

They look much further than just the hip. And with the HipCloud app, I'm even being counseled at home. That gives so much confidence."

- Lien - bon vivant, 27 years old

Peter - hiker, 65 years old

24 hours after my surgery, I was already allowed to go home for rehabilitation. My team continued to accompany me every day until I was able to step out in full again."

- Peter - hiker, 65 years old