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Our approach

We shift a stone in the river.

You deserve a free and full life, with good health as a foundation. And that includes strong hips. At European Hip Center, we offer complete, personalized treatment and guidance in your hip journey. We start from what’s important to you and work with you to chart the right path to maximum quality of life. In doing so, we do everything possible to avoid surgery. If an operation is nevertheless necessary, we opt for techniques that put much less strain on your body and allow you to recover more quickly. So you are always in the right hands.

Future approach

Behind the scenes, we don’t stand still. We work hard every day to develop innovative solutions to help you do even better.

Currently we are working on:

  • Predictive model: what % chance do you have of being good with a particular trajectory? Which trajectory is most appropriate for you and how can we optimize your chances of success?
  • Scientific research on predictive factors that may influence outcomes of total hip replacement surgery.
  • New type of surgery to reduce groin pain after total hip replacement.