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Total hip replacement

The muscle-sparing anterior approach for hip replacement surgery is also called the Direct Anterior Approach. This technique is being used more and more, but the method of implementing this technique can vary enormously.

Within his doctoral research, Prof. Dr. Corten has performed research into optimizing the loosening of the hip capsule. This so that the prosthetic components can be perfectly placed. He has demonstrated that this crucial step allows a smooth and safe procedure to be carried out.

After defending his dissertation in 2014, Prof. Dr. Corten has further optimized the muscle-sparing hip prosthesis procedure: by developing a new standardized concept to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible so that the impact on the patient is minimized. This is called the Efficient SurgerY (ESY) concept.

By applying this concept to the anterior approach, the Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) Hip was developed. This surgical technique uses specific instruments such as the Gripper and the EsySuit, which make it possible to limit operating time and muscle damage and to accelerate rehabilitation. Every year, Prof. Dr. Corten trains many surgeons from all over the world to use this technique in their operating room. Dr. Sarac and Dr. Vandeputte trained for 2 years with Prof. Dr. Corten and perform the EDA Hip technique in exactly the same way as him. Both surgeons work in a team, at the consultation and in the operating room.

In addition, we use new locoregional anesthesia techniques during the procedure. The patient is given a special anesthesia tailored to the hip operation. The usual general anesthesia, which can have unpleasant side effects, is therefore no longer necessary for this operation. In addition, we ensure that you do not experience any sensations from the procedure during the short operation. You can listen to music in peace while the team takes care of you.

Patients therefore take their first steps very shortly after the operation. 80% of patients then continue with a problem-free rehabilitation and can speak of a ‘forgotten hip’ after 6 to 9 months. Prof. Dr. Corten and his team continue to perfect this technique. In March 2020, they even won an award at the British Hip Society Meeting in Wales for their research into the most optimal muscle-sparing surgical technique.

Prof. Dr. Corten and his team perform the EDA hip operations with the same high standard of care at various locations both in Belgium and abroad.